HMRC investigation protection

Fee Protection Insurance

Protect yourself against HMRC investigations using our Fee Protection Insurance that pays us to help you in case of an HMRC check.

Worried about an HMRC enquiry? Let us handle the taxman with our Fee Protection Service that will handle all the costs!

Why do you need fee protection service?

The government has recently announced a new tough line on tax prosecutions and promise to prosecute five times as many tax cases as Labour did. The much talked about tax gap means HMRC are more determined than ever to claw back money from taxpayers. they have even announced that debt collection agencies will now be sued to collect and additional £140m of tax debt.

Their aim is no longer to open full enquiries, but to target taxpayers and convince them to comply with HMRC underpayment estimates as quickly as possible. The most efficient way for them to do this is to demand early-stage pre-return meetings.

They are now able to:

  • Make inspections unannounced
  • Check your records before a tax return is files
  • Demand records without issuing a formal notice
  • Ask third parties to check the accuracy of information
  • Investigate direct taxes, VAT and employer compliance since inspectors have now all been cross trained.

Did you know that, with pre-return checks, inspectors can ask to see records even before you submit a tax return? So, with the new processes and wider powers to investigate your business, HMRC are using more efficient methods of checking for non-compliance.

But unfortunately, even if your tax return and business records are accurate and the taxman finds no errors accountancy fees can cost thousands.

Our Fee Protection Service protects you from the outset

  • HMRC increased powers has led to a recent explosion in new cases to the extent that our insurer has seen that, in the 2010/11 tax year to the end of August, new claims are up 82% on the same period last year.
  • Disputes with HMRC can quickly spiral into time consuming and costly affairs so it's more important than ever that you or your business are protected from costly investigations.
  • Even if you are found to owe no tax at all, you will still have to pay the professional fees incurred in us handling your case.
  • With our Fee Protection services you can have peace of mind that we will represent you without you having to worry about potential spiralling expenses.

Our Fee Protection Service covers the following

  • HMRC Full and Aspect Enquiries
  • HMRC VAT Reviews
  • HMRC Employer Compliance Reviews
  • Cross Tax Enquiries
  • IR35 Reviews
  • HMRC Intervention relating to Self-Assessment, Employer Compliance and VAT
  • VAT & Employer Compliance Disputes
  • Construction Industry Scheme Review
  • Record Reviews
  • Light Touch Interventions
  • HMRC Non-Written Approaches
  • Directors and Partners cover

PLUS, no excess and 'no reasonable care' clauses

  • The Fee Protection services will pay reasonable costs to us to review potential risks identified by HMRC form the start of the enquiry
  • With our Fee Protection service, you continue to deal with us, the accountants you know, and trust and we'll be free to work on your case for as long as it takes to resolve the situation, up to £100,000 per HMRC investigation.

What is not covered?

  • Routine Compliance work, for example preparing your tax return
  • Any tax, interest of penalties due
  • Criminal prosecutions and fraud
  • Enquiries commenced prior to subscribing to the service.
For as low as £14+VAT per month, we are prepared to fight your corner!

Let us handle the taxman and our Fee Protection Service will handle the costs. Don't wait until the HMRC rings at the door. Call us now at 020 3397 1520 for more details!