What is a reasonable excuse?

Personal Tax Feb 14, 2014

The deadline for filing your 2012/2013 tax return has come and gone and now 710,000 taxpayers will receive an initial fine of £100 (assuming they actually file before the end of the month still).

That is unless they have a "reasonable excuse". But what is a reasonable excuse?

HMRC gave the following as examples of what they would consider to be a reasonable excuse:

  • A failure in the HMRC computer system
  • Your computer breaks down just before or during the preparation of your online return
  • An extended period of exceptional weather very close to the filing deadline (which may be very relevant this year)
  • Delay caused by HMRC reviewing the need to complete a return
  • Loss of tax records through fire, flood or theft
  • Serious illness
  • Disability
  • Bereavement
  • HMRC Online Service does not accept the return (where it can be proved a genuine attempt to file was made)
  • Delayed receipt of online activation codes after having registered to file online (new for 2012/13 returns)

Any claim will need to be sent to HMRC in writing within 30 days of the penalty notice. This can be in the form of a letter but it may be easier to complete HMRC’s claim form which can be found here.

HMRC also have further guidance on what counts as a reasonable excuse here.

Please note however that explaining to the tax man that the dog ate your tax return probably won't cut it....


Franck Sidon

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